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Who will be at Catford Gin Festival?

We’ve already got some great people on board for Catford Gin Festival. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow our social media channels for all the latest additions to the line-up.

Fever Tree

We are very pleased to have Fever Tree on board as our tonic sponsors for Catford Gin Festival.
Since its launch, the Fever-Tree range has received widespread acclaim from drinks critics, bartenders and gastronomes worldwide. 

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Skully Gin

Skully Gins are distilled in the souht of the Netherlands using fresh spices, herbs and fruits, in order to create a range of smooth gins with exceptional and unexpected tastes. The recipies of their spirits are developed in order to bring a smooth characteristic taste.

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Ragnarok Gin

Ragnarok’s aim was to produce a gin that encapsulates the Swedish wilderness, the inspiration of Ragnarök gin. They use 8 botanicals, the prominent four being juniper berries, fresh lingonberries, caraway seeds and dill leaves. 

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Pothecary Gin

Pothecary Gin uses the unusual process of distilling each botanical separately, and then blending them together before dilution, which yields optimum quality and incomparable aromas and flavours, producing an exciting gin that’s both well-balanced and refreshingly individual.

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Old Bakery Gin

We are very lucky to have When Ian Puddick bought some run down properties in Palmers Green the last thing he expected was to find that the building once made illicit gin. He set out bring that gin on the right side of the law and so Old Bakery Gin was born.

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Mean London Dry Gin

They don’t come more local than Mean Gin so we are thrilled that they will be with us.
Mean is a traditionally distilled, premium London Dry Gin (43% ABV) with cardamom and citrus forward, and a slight spice undertone.

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Graveney Gin

Graveney Gin was created using a small but perfectly formed 30L Copper Still which produces 30 bottles per batch. Graveney Gin is a truly handcrafted spirit of uncompromising quality so perfect for any ginthusiasts.

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Colonsay Gin

Colonsay Gin is in the classic London Dry style and is juniper led. In an increasingly crowded market place, where ‘gold rush’ fever seems to be driving distillers to come up with the most obscure and rare mix of ‘hand foraged’ botanicals, they have made the conscious decision to stick to a more traditional gin. 

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Who’s Involved?

Catford Gin Festival is an exciting collaboration between Team Catford and Forest Hill Gin Club born out of the pure love of gin!

Team Catford

Team Catford are dedicated to bringing exciting cultural events to Catford. They are also partial to a G&T or two.

Forest Hill Gin Club

The Forest Hill Gin club is a social group of gin appreciating enthusiasts who want to explore the fantastic range of artisan gins available.

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